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Welcome to the Allodial Land Use Registry (ALUR)

The registry establishes a system for a First Nation to formally record its allodial lands. It is a system for Allodial Owners to register their interests and issue permits for the use of this land. The ALUR puts permitted use information on public record.

The registry was conceptualised by the Treaty Council to help communities to record land use relationships existing in their First Nations, and the registry software was customised by Land Equity International as a proof of concept prior to wider data integration and roll out for First Nation users. The registry web platform stores, processes and provides access to recordings pertaining to allodial land ownership, land use permits and sub-leases of First Nations.

ALUR access

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Registered users can view all recordings in the registry. Registration requires approval from the ALUR . You will then receive an email with an activation link to complete your user registration.
Another way is to contact the ALUR and they will register you as a user: Contact ALUR here.

The Allodial Land Use Registry is operated by the Treaty Council and Land Equity International:

Developed on the following UN-FAO open-source software platforms:

Sample Permit recorded in the Allodial Land Use Registry.